Movie Tweeviews Classic is exactly what it sounds like– a Twitter feed mashup of 140 character classic movie reviews. The feed is curated by Ira Deutchman.

Contributors are invited based on their standing in the industry, or based on the quality of their tweets. They can be critics, curators, distributors, filmmakers or articulate fans.

The ground rules are simple…

Reviews should be honest.

They should not be self-promotion.

Distributors should not include anything about films they are distributing.

Producers, writers and directors should only review films that they have nothing to do with.

Do not use the #mtrvc tag on anything that isn’t a review.

If you re-tweet other #mtrvc tweets, remove the hashtag so that those reviews do not end up in the feed twice.

Do not include links to longer reviews.

Don’t use the word “awesome” more than once per year.

Try to be clever.

I reserve the right to remove people from the feed if they break the ground rules, but professional critics can do as they please.

If you would like become a contributor, just start tweeting with the hastag #mtrvc for anything you would consider a review. Just be mindful of the rules above. If your tweets seem like they would fit in, I’ll add you to the official feed, and your tweets will magically appear (even the one’s you’ve already tweeted).

This site is only for older films. If you are tweeting about a recent film, you should go to movietweeviews.com, and read the instructions there.

I’m anxious to see whether this turns into something useful.